School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

Lansdowne Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 English and French Immersion school with an enrolment of 268 students. Lansdowne also offers an Ojibwe Language Program for students. An Aboriginal Support Worker offers ongoing support for our First Nations, Metis and Inuit students and families. We also have two Intensive Support classrooms as well as an Early Reading Intervention Program for students in Grade 1.

At Lansdowne Public School, our students are everything to us! Our staff is committed to fostering the highest standards of academic excellence, responsible citizenship and personal growth within a safe, caring environment. At Lansdowne, everyone belongs.

We are dedicated to promoting a school climate based on four simple rules.

Be nice: be good, fair and supportive of others.
Work hard: come to class prepared to use every minute.
Make no excuse: don’t blame others or play the victim, be responsible.
Choose well: life is full of choices – be thoughtful.

Lansdowne offers many special events and extra-curricular activities to meet the many interests of our students. These activities and groups include basketball, volleyball, cross-country running, soccer, Aboriginal club, Student Council, public speaking, Lansdowne’s Got Talent as well as various arts, sports and performing opportunities. New this year, our Intermediate students will have weekly instrumental music instruction at Sudbury Secondary School. We are proud of our Buddy Bench built by students, which provides a welcoming area for children who are unsure what to do at recess with an area to make new friends.

Community partnerships are the heart of our school.   When you walk through our doors, you will see daily breakfast and snack programs, sponsored by Better Beginnings Better Futures and the IODE. Our school is home to the Donovan Best Start Hub and YMCA Daycare that provide programs for infants right up to school-aged children. Unique supports for students and families are provided by N’Shakamok Native Friendship Centre, Shakemik- Kwe Health Centre, the Kinsmen Club, the Donavan West End Action Committee Network, Frontier College tutors … and there are so many more. A highlight from last year was the Lansdowne Wellness Fair our students organized with funding from a Speak Up Grant. New this year, the Elizabeth Fry Society will train students in peer mediation.

We are anticipating another busy and productive year at Lansdowne, so get ready to participate and enjoy all that your school has to offer.

Each and every day, Lansdowne is a caring and vibrant school in action. The students, staff, parents and community truly do make Lansdowne Public School a GREAT place to learn. Together, we are reaching minds and touching hearts!