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Jennifer Harvey


Emily Caruso Parnell


Administrative Assistant

Kathryn Meyer

Elementary Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Teaching Staff

Kathleen Shain

Kindergarten - ENG

Melissa Bertrand

Designated Early Childhood Educator - ENG

Tisha Gowan

Kindergarten - FI

Kirsten Goggins

Intensive Support Program Teacher

Christine Lavigne

Educational Assistant - Intensive Support Program

Menaka Leivo

Early Intervention Teacher

Mandie Rome

Grade 1/2

Melissa Birmingham

Grade 2/3

Alison Cryderman

Grade 4/5

Todd Villeneuve

Grade 5/6

Sarah Blanchard

Grade 7/8

Matthew Davie

Grade 8

Jason Provincial


Lynn Lawson

Grade 1/2/3 - FI

Jaime Balson

Grade 4/5/6/7/8 - FI

Jody Ikonen

Special Education Resource Teacher (Junior/Intermediate)

Catherine Wiss

Special Education Resource Teacher (Primary)

Trent Oystrick

Student Success/Prep

Monika Mejaki


Christina Soucy

Preparation Teacher

Jessica Amero

Core French Teacher

Support Staff

Deborah Rocca

Math Support Coach

Tammy Veevers

English as a Second Language Itinerant

Eileen Creasey

Aboriginal Support Worker

Educational Assistants

Natasha Shaw

Educational Assistant (Junior/Intermediate)

Sharon Gallagher

Educational Assistant (Primary)

Natasha Sirman

Educational Assistant (Early Intervention)

Natasha Pare

Educational Assistant (Early Intervention)

McKenzie Lalonde

Educational Assistant (Kindergarten FI)


Anne Pare


Judy Labelle


Josie Barnes